DS Lite
DS Lite

Release Date:

North America: June 11, 2006 Japan: March 2, 2006 Australia: June 1, 2006 Europe: June 23, 2006

Playable Game Types:

DS Cards GameBoy Advance Cartridges


DS Gameboy Advance SP Gameboy Advance Gameboy Color Gameboy Game & Watch





The Nintendo DS Lite(Sometimes called the DSL) is the second Nintendo DS installment. It is very similar to the original DS. Here we have listed the features and buttons of the DSL.


Power Switch*Turns power on/off A, B, X, Y *A- Usually selects something

  • B- Usually goes back a section
  • X/Y- Extra buttons for something special

Plus Pad*Moves characters, game camera view, etc. Start/Select*Start- Pause/start game

  • Select- Select an item usually

L and R*Rotates game cameras Volume switch*Raises volume and lowers volume Microphone*Record your voice Headphone Slot*Insert headphones here Game Card Slot- DS Card*Insert a DS card here Game Cartridge Slot- Game Boy*Insert a Game Boy Advance game here


The stylus is a plain stylus that can come in many colors. It is inserted in the right of the system.
DS Lite stylus

The DS Lite stylus

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